Anouk and Kurulbrang - ORIGINAL PAINTING NFS

Anouk and Kurulbrang - ORIGINAL PAINTING NFS



Acrylic on cotton on canvas

152 x 91cm

A daughter painted by her mother is in a way a right of passage for both. Anouk was 18 and crossing the cusp from child to woman. This portrait represents a coming of age and search for identity. 

As her mother, painting this portrait was in a way a ritual for me. Painting my child from a loving mothers perspective, whilst recognising she is now an independent woman. As only a mother can recognise I see her shadow and her light and her struggles as she seeks to know her roots and find her place in this world.

Anouk wears Antler like Kurulbrang (Kangaroo Paw) in her hair, a deliberate choice, the flower symbolising her Australian nationality and arranged as such to represent her Nordic ancestors. She is adorned with eclectic pieces of significant jewellery symbolising her diverse cultural heritage; Sami, Finnish, German, Romani Gypsy on her Maternal side; Chilean, French and Mapuche Indian on her Paternal side. Having researched her Sami routes, she identifies strongly with their pagan culture. She also wears Mapuche silver earrings and beads, to represent her paternal ancestry. Anouk is a melting pot of numerous cultures, like many Australian’s, yet she is most fascinated with her indigenous roots.