May Mayhem

It's been so busy at the 'Bohemian Island Palace' I haven't had a chance to do any blogging.

So much has happened. The art classes are booming, my home has been used as a location again for 'Better Homes and Gardens' magazine, my Tahiti workshops are full -  which has been such an organisational challenge, I feel like I have become mini Tahiti Tourisme Bureau and I have been painting towards and designing a new collection of 'Hero' cushions for my upcoming Urban Amazons exhibition for Sydney.

'Better Homes and Gardens' magazine chose my home as location for their craft section as it had a Boho theme. What better place to use than the 'Bohemian Island Palace'. It was a crazy day full of colour and I met some wonderful people including the talented Andre Martin, who photographed the shoot and stylist, Lisa Hilton, who cleverly made sure my 'Hero' cushions were placed oh so obviously in shot awarding me some much appreciated editorial.

As you may know my art classes are going extremely well. I am fully booked for term 2 and only limited places are left for term 4.

I'm so proud of my students, their work is improving in quantum leaps.These are some of their works completed in term 1.