Blue Heaven Island sits between the deep blue Pacific and the crystal clear Bora Bora Lagoon. This beautiful, small island (motu) accommodates a total of ten guests in authentic Polynesian huts, providing a laid-back, rustic repose for all who stay. Aiming for simplicity utilizing solar power for it's electrical needs, ceiling fans as air conditioning and a lagoon of magnificent waters as a pool.


L'Atelier 'Blue Heaven Island' is an open air 'Fare' with wooden floor and thatched roof with sky lights to ensure enough light for painting. In this idylic setting it is impossible not to be inspired.


Elie is a true character to say the least and extremely entertaining. He re-built 'Blue Heaven Island' practically with his bare hands. All meals are included and are cooked by Elie and his small staff. The food is of the freshest quality with vegetarian options available. The local fisher men deliver their catch daily and all of the fresh produce comes from the main island. As regards alcohol we must bring our own supply. The transport around the island is by boat and Elie is happy to take you to the Ferry which is about 10 minutes across the lagoon.


There are only 5 Bungalows on the island which are scattered through out the coconut grove and each sleeps 2.

These charming bungalows are based on classic Polynesian architectural elements, with pitched thatched roofs and walls fashioned from coconut fronds. These authentic structures evoke the spirit of French Polynesia in an idyllic a setting as you could possibly imagine.

Ceiling fans complement the ocean breeze through your bungalow and all rooms have private bathrooms and showers.


 Blue Heaven Island is surrounded by a pristine lagoon abundant with tropical fish and a vast coral garden. There are kayaks and flippers but best bring your own mask and snorkel. There are 2 spacious dining areas where we share our meals together, one on the Jetty and one under the coconut palms with a high palm thatched ceiling, shell chandeliers and other Polynesian artifacts...this is the main dining area where dinner is usually served. Most cooking is done in the kitchen and lunch usually on the outdoor BBQ.

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