MARCH 19 - 26 - 2025


I'm absolutely thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration for my upcoming retreat: a partnership with the prestigious Sofitel Kia Ora Mo'orea Resort, nestled on the enchanting 'Little Sister Island' of Tahiti, Mo'orea.


7-night package price from AUD $4,990 per person TWIN share staying in a LUXURY GARDEN BUNGALOW in Moorea. (price excludes international airfares) 

*Veuillez noter que si vous résidez à Tahiti, cette retraite emballée est destinée aux clients internationaux. Cependant, je proposerai bientôt des ateliers de week-end pour les résidents locaux.

A 7 day, all inclusive creative tour and workshop where you can immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of  my favourite island paradise, Mo'orea.

(suitable for beginners to intermediate) 

These retreats are designed with a balance in mind. Encouragement of creative thinking, cultural exploration, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Hosted by artist Tania Wursig and Sofitel Kia Ora Mo'orea.

I'm thrilled to be partnering with the Sofitel Kia Ora Mo'orea Resort for this workshop. 

This stunning resort sits on the edge of the crystal clear lagoon framed by jagged green mountains. Accessible via a short ferry ride from Papeete, positioned on the eastern side of Moorea, makes it the most convenient and one of the best off-Tahiti island experiences.

The resort enjoys a secluded location on the picturesque white sand beach of Temae, the longest of the island, within a protected marine area. 

Boasting French style infused with Tahitian hospitality, the hotel’s two acclaimed restaurants provide an intimate setting with incredible panoramic views and live entertainment.

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Imagine stepping onto the shores of Moorea, a place so enchanting it feels like something out of a storybook. This island has a special kind of vintage magic that keeps drawing me back, like an old friend you never tire of visiting. Over the past decade, I've lost count of how many times I've wandered its sandy beaches and explored its lush corners.

Moorea isn't just any island, what sets Moorea apart is its welcoming vibe. Moorea wraps you in its warm embrace from the moment you arrive, just like the locals who call it home.

Getting there is a breeze, too. Only a short hop from Tahiti by ferry, Moorea feels like a world away. Yet, it's just close enough to be easily accessible. 

What makes Moorea truly captivating is its landscape. Eight majestic peaks rise from crystal-clear waters, forming a rugged silhouette against the sky. And then there are the bays – Cook's and Opunohu – splitting the northern shore in perfect symmetry. 

I find Mo'orea's landscapes simply breathtaking; they're practically begging to be painted. I have spent numerous lazy afternoons sitting with my sketchbook, capturing her vibrant colors. There's something about this island that truly ignites the artist's soul.

But what really stays with you is the feeling you get from being on Moorea. It's like stepping into a world where time slows down, and worries melt away. This island isn't just Tahiti's little sister – it's a star in its own right. Trust me, once you experience Moorea, it'll capture your heart forever.

With an exciting mix of discovery and art workshops, be inspired by the untouched beauty, breathtaking landscapes and sacred sites of this island Paradise.

This retreat is intended to take you on a journey of discovery through creativity, inviting you to be inspired by the pristine beauty, majestic landscapes, and sacred sites of this island paradise.

Maintaining a strong focus on living 'artfully' you will create unique memories and capture experiences that you will hold onto for a lifetime.

“Having one to two weeks to immerse oneself in a new and inspiring environment away from one’s normal life aids the creative process tremendously. That, coupled with plenty of time to relax in the sun, explore the beauty of Tahiti, experience authentic cultural traditions and enjoy evening cocktails, will draw out the artist in anyone,” says Tania. She cites Tahiti’s intact traditional culture and its special ‘emerald’ light as inspirations that help her tour members to discover their best creative selves. (Vacations and travel magazine October 2019 issue)



Enjoy inspiring and challenging art classes designed to ignite your passion for art making, whether it be painting, drawing or simply sketching your journey.

Workshop includes 5 days orientation of 2-3 hours per day, painting and drawing instruction, including demonstration of my unique technique, guidance, one-on-one critique and all materials are included.

You will discover methods to capture your inspirations - Explore various materials and painting fundamentals - Learn the process of creating a work from initial conception to completion - sketching and or painting 'en plein air - Identify and work toward your strengths - Find your own visual language and expression. 



This art retreat is suited to all, from absolute beginners to those more advanced. All you need is a little motivation, the right guidance and inspiration.  Enjoy 7 days surrounded by inspiring beauty, exploring your creativity as you unwind and reconnect with nature.  




Led by Tahitian cultural expert, Tom Mooria, you will gain an insight into one of the most beautiful practices of Tahitian culture. You will spend a morning in the beautiful grounds of the Sofitel Mo'orea learning the art of 'Hei Tiare', the cherished tradition of crafting exquisite flower crowns using time-honoured techniques.

Hei Tiare are worn in Tahiti on many special occasions, one of which is the 'Island Night', where you can enjoy wearing your creations. An evening of Island celebrations dedicated to 'Ori Tahiti', Tahitian dance, and Ma'a Tahiti, a tradition feast of local dishes.


Whilst in Tahiti you will have the opportunity to explore the city of Pape'ete. I will introduce you to my favourite local haunts including the famous Papeete Market, Venus Boutique, where I source my fabrics, my preferred pearl shops and more.